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How to add Entertainment to your messaging during COVID-19

At this time, we are facing interesting challenges and opportunities to reach our clients, guests, and prospects in new ways.

Most are going virtual with online sales and consultations. Also, promoting online has never been more imperative. Let us help send your messaging with our experienced performers, actors, and production team to give clear awareness of what your business is doing at this time and safety measures in an uplifting and positive way. We can make fully produced videos and photos that can be used in platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more. It is simple with these few steps.

1. Pick a Topic

Are you wanting to explain new procedures or guidelines? Want to share new pick up or delivery options? Or, explain a new menu option or cocktail recipe? Creating the proper script is the importance of clear messaging.

2. Right Actors

An actor for online videos would most likely be the same for a series of videos to give the association between the actor, the message delivery, and the brand. The reason why picking the right actor is just as important.

3. Production

High quality videos get more eyes tuned in, exciting videos keep people engaged. Videos overall have more engagement that text or photos. That is while higher quality editing not only gives

4. Post Timing

When posting any content it is important to use the right social platform with the right audience and timing of post to maximize the reach!

Here at DFNTLY Entertainment we can create these videos for you with ease. Ask us how

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