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Our Stiltwalkers

Our stiltwalkers are sure to delight the crowd as they tower over guests and dance and interact with the audience. Book us for your next event and see how we can make it truly special.

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Whether you're hosting a Halloween bash or a Christmas celebration, our talented stiltwalkers will bring the perfect touch of fun and excitement to your event. With characters like toy soldiers, Jack and Sally, and Day of the Dead dancers, we have options to suit any theme. Don't settle for ordinary entertainment - choose our Holiday Stiltwalkers for something truly spectacular!

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Party Starter Stiltwalkers

Our Partystarter Stiltwalkers are guaranteed to bring the excitement to any event. With their impressive stiltwalking skills and contagious energy, your guests won't be able to resist dancing along with them on the dance floor. Have them part of you DFNTLYaParty Package. Learn More



Whether you're going for a masquerade, 1920s, Vegas, or any other fun theme, our performers will fit right in and add that extra wow factor. Our stiltwalkers are experts at entertaining and will leave your guests wanting more!


Custom Stiltwalkers

Our Round-a-bout server is here to bring the party to life! With a tray or rolling table, our server is literally inside the action, with treats and goodies all around them as they roam the party. Your guests will love being able to grab a snack on the go, adding excitement to your event!

Want This At Your Party?

Are you ready to create an amazing event? DFNTLY Entertainment is here to help you make it happen. From our talented entertainers to our exceptional event planning services, we are committed to making your event unforgettable. Contact us now to start planning your event and let us take care of the rest!

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